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Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! – Anime Review

LEAD REVIEW Pros: Ayuzawa Misaki has girl power written all over her. She's a versatile minx that can be as tough as nails especially when she's trying to…
neongreeneify May 25, 2013

Get Ready For Some Fist-Pumping Action Manliest Fight Ever! « neongreene

This is why boys will be boys. If you don't want to miss out on what a REAL fight looks like, then just watch the…
neongreeneify Nov 11, 2012

Forehead Tittaes With Marion Cotillard « neongreene

Feeling Stressed? Quick Find Something Funny! Like the video on this link featuring the one and only very pretty Ms. Marion Cotillard. Apparently, she's endorsing a…
neongreeneify Oct 03, 2012

Care For Pets: 5 Common Cat Behaviors & Why They Do It « neongreene

Cat Behavior #3 Cat Belly Equals Cuteness Overload One of their most common ways of expressing their affection is through their belly. It’s like their way of…
neongreeneify Sep 14, 2012
neongreeneify Sep 14, 2012
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